[VIDEO MESSAGE] C-Clown 100 Days!!!

[Rome] What’s up there all? We are…
[All] C-CLOWN! *all cheering*
[Rome] Yes and today is a very special day
[Kangjun] What day is it today~?
[Rome] Today is the hundred days we take anniversary for C-Clown!
[All] Whoo! Hundred days! *all cheering*
[Rome] And during this hundred days we will love to show our manner attitude and appreciation for all the Crowns out there for showing us so many support and never giving up for their love for us
[Maru] Yeah and we are so happy
[Ray & Kangjun] Thank you! Thank you! (Rome: Thank you so much!)
[Rome] When there be a hundred days, a thousand days, or even ten thousand days. We will continue to cherish a moment with our Crowns out there and cherish our journey. So please never give up upon us and we’ll continue to strike and become a better C-Clown for you guys out there. Finally, we are..
[All] C-CLOWN!
[Rome] Thank you
[Ray] Yeah
[Rome] Yeah, Love you all
[Maru] Thank you
[Ray] Thank you

Sorry guys! Its such an horrible thing I’ve done! D: *bows*
You know it’s kinda hard to catch what Rome said in the video even though I played it back to back for thousand times in a slow (very slow) motion.
I don’t blame his English because his English is absolutely perfect and fluent. It’s all my fault for not good enough in English. *sobs*
So…. Just watch the video by yourself and hope you’ll catch Rome oh-so-fucking-fluent English!

Oh and, this one is the Korean Version one! 😀


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