CROWN is official C-CLOWN’s fandom nameC-CLOWN members thought that CROWN is something that they should achieve to rule the world.
Just like a King without his Crown, C-CLOWN won’t able to be on top without CROWN (aww, so cheesy ain’t I?)

C-CLOWN’s fandom (CROWN) official color is Pearl Forest Green
Pearl Forest Green color has a lot of meanings, such as growth, fertility, new-life, nature, harmony, healing, refreshing, soothing, peaceful, contentment, confidence, hope, luck, beauty, balance, inner peace, unconditional love, calming, sense of home, family life, charity, environment, healthy, good luck, vitality, renewal, spring, generosity, freshness, soothing, sharing and responsiveness.

our boys think about the fandom’s name and color with a lot of concern, right?
we shall be proud that they’re not only think about themselves


a proud CROWN


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